While we struggle with Covid, climate negotiations have been sitting in the corner for five years, bringing us to an ecological, economic, and social tipping point. Global commitments are leading us to a path of 3 degrees Celsius of warming, far from the 1.5-degree limit reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. While there is a global health crisis, there is also clearly a global climate emergency that threatens the balance of our  household, the Oikos. This is a call for a steadfast and hope-filled engagement in COP26.

                  artwork by Francisca Sampayo

Climate policies and solutions are being discussed, and the call for greater action is focused on these five key points:

Finalizing the Paris Agreement Rulebook that sets rules and guidelines for carbon markets, accounting, and other measures

Ratcheting up Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), and the climate ambition of every country to achieve net-zero targets

Mobilizing $100 billion yearly in climate finance to developing countries, and shifting to policies for more sustainable economies like the European Green Deal

Highlighting corporate accountability, and enabling means for ‘Loss and Damage’ through the Warsaw International Mechanism

Integrating nature-based solutions in the Paris Agreement Rulebook that have the potential to deliver up to 37% of the cost-effective mitigation required by 2030

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