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On the Way to Change: A global community pilgrimage to COP26

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The recent IPCC scientific report reminds us of the very little time we have left to do drastic measures to keep the climate in a livable state. Climate negotiations have lagged in the past years, and with COP26 on the horizon, many communities are expressing their desire for participation and change. Questions arise as to whether climate action and commitments are responsive to the needs at the local level, and if people on the ground are genuinely listened to. It is the spirit of faith and hope that hold people together amid these tensions.

Rooted on an ongoing common journey that has been connecting local communities in the care of the Common Home, Ecojesuit, Casa Velha, and CVX-CLC are launching On the Way to Change, a global community pilgrimage to COP 26 that aims to highlight spirituality, community, and change, in a journey that connects different initiatives of faith groups, communities, and networks.

The pilgrimage weaves together the stories of change coming from Balay Laudato Si’ in the Philippines, the bamboo project of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Indonesia, Casa Velha in Portugal, and other local communities we hope to engage with along the way. These then intersect with global movements that collectively amplify the voices bringing the message of hope and urgency to the climate negotiations and beyond.

We begin the journey on the opening of the Season of Creation and we invite everyone to join us –whether through virtual engagements of physical meetings—in this pilgrimage. There are three ways you can participate:

  1. Engage with the communities in monthly group reflections via Zoom. These reflections will serve as our “pilgrimage stops” where we meet different people and communities on the way and share our stories from our own contexts.
  2. Share your art in #Creating4Change, a month-long art challenge in September with the theme “Open Letters to COP26”. Express your message to decision-makers, leaders, and communities in light of COP26 through works of art, may it be through drawing, poetry, music, photography, writing, etc.
  3. Plan your own local pilgrimage. that highlights what is unique to your local context, and is a meaningful and hopeful process for the community.

Register here to receive updates and reminders on the pilgrimage activities. Whichever engagement you may choose to participate in, all of these will be included in an interactive map that will trace the story of our pilgrimage together, amplifying the stories from the ground, and inspiring global transformation with a sense of belonging and humble responsibility to our Common Home.

We hope to meet you on the way.

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