Plan your local pilgrimage

While the global pilgrimage is done virtually, smaller, local pilgrimages in our areas are more possible in our present context. There is no single format for a local pilgrimage. The engagement does not have to be big, and the activities do not have to be complicated. It could be like a traditional pilgrimage, with a starting point and a destination, and a few stops for reflection and meeting other people. It could also be just a simple gathering of a few people from neighboring villages, sharing stories from their communities. What is important is that the process highlights what is unique to the local context, and that it is a meaningful and hopeful process for the community.

Share with us your local pilgrimage by sending a simple “pilgrimage map” that shows the different communities engaging, and a description of the process. It could be a technical map with the participating communities plotted, or a more creative presentation, like the example below. This will be included in the Global Pilgrimage Map.

Local pilgrimage: Bendum, Philippines